Video Stills

These stills are from Hi-8 and SVHS documentations of Alan's performance work from 1991 through 2007.


























The Alphabet of Savages, Dance on Capitol Hill, Seattle, 1991: "As a white American male, or 'WAM'..."
"HandMusic," an improvisational music piece from The Alphabet of Savages
TV or Not TV, Tugs, Seattle, 1992: video backdrop for "I Don't Feel Anything"
Video backdrop for "Barbie and the Big Hole" in TV or Not TV
Dancing With The Dead, 911 Media Arts Center, Seattle, 1994: rocking out "Like A Dog"
From Dancing With The Dead, "Stayin' Alive" with Geoff Manasse's slides in the background
Alan dances with Death, played by Anne Cooper, in Dancing With The Dead
Unspeakable Love Acts, Dixon Place, New York, 1996: "Cynics' Love Song"
"Blue Space," from Unspeakable Love Acts
Talking about the land "where the cars go" in Obliviotopia, 848 Community Space, San Francisco, 1999
A land of nowhere: from "Virus/Cities in My Head" in Obliviotopia
An angry Leon rants against "the thin" in Bear-A-Go-Go!, "Viva Variety," San Francisco, November 1999
"Mamabear" lecturing on "bear care" in Bear-A-Go-Go!, March 2000
A scene from the 2002 show Touched by a Monster--previewed October 2001 at Club Fab, Guerneville, CA
Alan reading a poem at "Viva Variety," Theatre Rhino, San Francisco, November 2001
Rocking out at the double CD release party with John Ashfield and the Bobbleheads, San Francisco, March 2002
A scene from the show Touched by a Monster--Surf Reality, NY, NY, September 2002
As Carl in Antero Alli's movie Under a Shipwrecked Moon, Summer 2003
Preliminary version of BAD GAYS!, Seattle, Summer 2004
From BAD GAYS!, San Francisco, Summer 2005
As the character Blake in Antero Alli's movie The Mind Is a Liar and a Whore, January 2007


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