Alan Reade...

lan Reade

. . . executive-produced the feature film Say Yes with writer and director Stewart Wade.

. . . executive-produced the web series and feature film Coffee House Chronicles with writer and director Stewart Wade.

. . . produced the short film Operation Marriage with director Quentin Lee.

. . . associate-produced the short film Somewhere Else by director Dinh Anh Nguyen.

. . . associate-produced the feature film Big Gay Love by director Ringo Le.

. . . co-created the Men Over 50 photo project as a founding member of tommy+alan photography.

. . . founded a successful multimedia training development and independent film production business called Text Engine in 2006.

. . . acted in two independent films by Antero Alli in 2003 and 2007.

. . . wrote and performed, in collaboration with various musicians, singers, dancers, and collaborators, a number of performance pieces from 1988 through 2005.

. . . in 2002, penned and recorded a CD of songs taken from various performances called "4 Seasons in a Day."

. . . co-adapted a play called Bitchy Bitch Live! from Roberta Gregory's comic book "Naughty Bits" and directed it for the 1995 Seattle Fringe Festival. Later it was presented at the Theatre Off Jackson in Seattle.

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